Sunday, April 27, 2008

Friends and The City

Last week I got to hang out with friends in New York City!

We all arrived Sunday morning, met up at a friends apartment in Queens, and then took the train into Penn Station. After dropping our bags at the hotel, the first and only stop was shopping at H&M. I think we spent over two hours in the store... It was well worth it! When we were done, we hopped in a cab over to The Cafeteria for dinner.

I had two of their frozen margaritas and a salad for supper. I was only going to drink one margarita, but the other girls ordered desserts and instead of getting another dessert, I figured another cocktail was in order!

Monday morning we woke up and started on another day of shopping... this time it was downtown to catch the deals at Century 21 Department Store. The cab drove down the West Side Highway and dropped us off near a pedestrian overpass, from which you can see construction at Ground Zero.

After shopping it was another cab ride up to The Plaza to catch the Sex & The City tour! Girls, if you are ever in the city, I highly recommend it... The highlights were Carrie's stoop and the Magnolia Bakery cupcakes!

And don't forget the cosmos! Or the new trailer for the movie, if you haven't seen it yet!

Another trip back downtown, this time to Canal and Lafayette for dinner at Grace.

Tuesday morning we went to a taping of the Rachel Ray show!

The Rachel Ray show was the reason for our trip to New York. My friend Jaime and three of her friends had been to a taping in February, had a blast, and came home with great swag -- including a D&G travel bag! The audience coordinator and Jaime got along great and Jaime was asked if she wanted to return for another taping... to which she couldn't reply NO! Instead of organizing a group of 4, Jaime organized 18 people! Almost all of the attendees were flight attendants.

We met outside her studio at 9:45 a.m. and hung out in the greenroom for about an hour.

The show was pretty cool. That day's taping included a mystery taster and we got to take home two books as souvenirs. At the end the "Flight Attendant" crew got a group picture taken on the set:

If you want to see the show I attended, it will air tomorrow, April 29th. This is her broadcast tv talk show, not the cooking show on the Food Network! Michelle Obama should be in one of the segments, which could make for an interesting show. We actually didn't get to see the segment with Michelle, as the producers hadn't finished editing it! All we got to see was Rachel Ray INTRODUCE the segment...

After the taping, it was off to have lunch -- PIZZA! -- and then Red Mango Frozen Yogurt for dessert. Thanks for organizing Jaime! You ROCK!!!


AJ said...

Thanks for commenting on my post about colors. I do have recipients in mind depending on the color that I end up making. For example if I end up making the pastel blue/yellow/green one then I will probably give it to my sister-in-law because those are her favorite colors.

Valerie said...

Sounds like so much fun. I am glad I found your blog.

rainylakechick said...

Thanks Valerie! It was a blast. I am so psyched for the SATC movie now! :)

Jessica said...

How fun! It looks like you had a great time. I forgot to set the TiVo to record the show you were at. I tried to watch clips online, but couldn't find you in the audience.