Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap

#scrappyTripAlong, a new niece, completed eight or nine quilts, swam in Rainy Lake, three quilt retreats, vacationed in Turkey,  joined do. Good Stitches Imagine Circle, bonfire in the desert, QuiltCon, pontoon boat rides, trips to the dog park, and said goodbye to my Grandma. 

1. mom, grandma, me, 2. quilt for my mom, 3. Merry Christmas!, 4. Paddle Boat: Jakob and Abby, 5. Madrona Road Challenge, 6. #scrappyTripAlong , 7. Bobbi's block for Cindy B, 8. Grandma Linda and Bridget, 9. Chauncey In The Cities, 10. Family bonfire #desertLife, 11. Grace and Grandma, 12. Impromptu quilt photo shoot, 13. Aya Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey, 14. Fox Mug Rug, 15. Yuma sunset 16. My grandparents

2014 Preview: A year of selfish sewing and getting the fun room organized!  A pretty sewing space, I will have.  

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Mitzi's Crafty said...

Love all your pictures but especially those old ones of your Grandma. She looks like she had a real joy about her:)